100% Lithium Battery Powered Mobile Beverage Cooler

Maximize sales and elevate guest experience with a 100% payback within a few events

Perfect for stadiums, arenas, and other large-scale venues


12oz cans


16oz cans


12oz bottles

DTG's mPower Advanced battery system

12+ Hours of Battery Powered Operation

Our safe and reliable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries keep refrigerators ice cold for over 12 hours on a single charge. After use, restock the fridge, and simply plug into any standard power outlet to recharge within 3 to 4 hours. Ice cold beverages will be ready to serve for your next event.


Safe and Simple Power Assisted Navigation

The Cooler PowerStation utilizes a motorized caster for safe and easy navigation of the station to just about anywhere, even at full capacity. The Cooler PowerStation has an automatic breaking system further increasing safety.

choose your look and feel

Customizable to meet your needs

Customize with magnetic signage on the front, back and side panels.Optional accessories include:
• Pop Up side shelving
• Digital display signage
• 9ft umbrella
• POS integration (display mount)

DTG is empowering mobility at some of the world’s most innovative companies

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